Hello, my name is Jim and I am an avid blogger who enjoys having a good time with friends singing karaoke songs. My favorite equipment is the Entertech Magic Sing Microphone because it makes your voice sound great!

If you are interested in purchasing a Magic sing microphone I highly recommend checking out KTS Karaoke because they have tons of karaoke equipment including the most popular microphones from Entertech’s magic sing. They also beat out any competitors price so why not purchase it from this online e-commerce store? One of my favorite things to do is go out on a Thursday or Friday night to the local karaoke bar and eat & drink with friends that get up and embarass ourselves with old karaoke favorites. If you have had a bad karaoke microphone you can definitely feel my pain when that thing goes out on you right in the middle of a song. So what I did to prevent this from happening again is I went online and research what is the best karaoke microphone? The results all showed that the Entertech Magic sing Microphone’s are the best karaoke microphones because they provide top notch sound and are made out of quality electronics.

I actually purchased the Entertech magic sing microphone and donated it to the local karaoke bar so everyone can enjoy and utilize it. The pricing was great because I got it at a discount from www.ktskaraoke.com which they answered all my pre-sale questions and even provided free shipping! KTS Karaoke has great service that made me want to recommend them to other karaoke connoisseur who want to purchase any kind of high quality and professional karaoke equipment. They also have a vast majority of karaoke songs in cd’s and on dvd’s like Chinese karaoke songs, Vietnamese karaoke songs, English, Irish, Japanese, basically most international languages.

I will be updating this blog and posting more often about new karaoke equipment or music recommendations so if you are interested, please feel free to comment and subscribe to our RSS feed for updates. Thank you and I hope you found this post enjoyable to read.


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  1. I enjoy reading about karaoke equipment because that is what me and my friends do on Thursday Nights!

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